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Joyce Scott-Grigssby is the current local President of Topeka Unit  #4042 NAACP.  I am blessed to be able to serve all the peple of Topeka Kansas. We need your help in reaching and helping those who are in need. I currently belong to the  2nd Baptist Church  of Topeka and  I serve on the trustee Board.  I currently volunteer for the Topeka Relation Commission for Topeka and serve under the Mayor of Topeka.I also volunteer with Law Enforcement Partnership Panel under the Chief of TPD. I was born in Emporia Kansas but raised in Eskridge KS.  I have lived in Topeka for 8 years and  consider this my home. Change starts with you ! We need you to share your talents that God has blessed you with. Please join the Topeka NAACP and together we can make a difference.